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About Classic Home Cinema

The only store of its kind in the UK, supplying high quality cine film and equipment, in Super 8, 16mm and other sizes covering cinematography as far back as the 1920s.


Classic Home Cinema is run for enthusiasts by enthusiasts, our friendly, knowledgeable staff work hard to support the hobby of film collecting. AND NOW do ask for our LASERDISC lists

Call us today for a friendly chat. If you get the answerphone don't hesitate to leave a message, but note our opening times!

Cine films, reels and projectors


Our knowledge of cine film is second to none. At Classic Home Cinema, we carry a wide variety of films and features all on original film-stock, we also supply projectors, and all the miscellaneous spares you need to keep your home cinema in tip top condition. Do compare our retail prices to others on the web.  

If you are a film enthusiast looking for original celluloid and a true nostalgia experience, look no further than our store. 

Super 8 Film-Stock

The 8 mm format was originally intended for creating amateur films, however condensed versions of popular cinema releases are available, for projection at home, as are some great features from a world of distributers, ourselves included!

16mm Film-Stock

In Britain, most exterior television footage was shot on 16mm from the 1960s until the 1990s, when the development of more portable television cameras and videotape machines led to video replacing 16mm in many instances.  Many drama shows and documentaries were made entirely on 16mm and collectors all know the joy of home Cinema shows.

Release Films
Miscellaneous Equipment

Classic home cinema supplies the equipment you need to watch these perfect pieces of history the way they were meant to be watched.
We stock projectors for 16mm film-stock including: ELFs, Fumeo, and Elmo, and for Super 8 film-stock including: Fumeo, Elmo, Beaulieu, Bauer, and much more. Our prices on consumables is very good - and  its all NEW, yes we even get items made world-wide to provide for the hobby.  

Frequently asked questions

Do you transfer films to DVD?

Yes, using professional trans video equipment we are able to transfer any film reel, or indeed any format, including VHS into DVD.

Do you stock spare parts?

We stock projector lamps, gears, drive-belts, editing equipment, cameras, and miscellaneous spares of all types.

Which sizes of film do you supply?

We mainly hold Super 8 film and 16mm film. However we also stock standard 8 film, 9.5mm film, 28mm film, and 35mm film. We don't stock VHS and camcorder types but we can transfer these to DVD upon request

Will you buy my old film collection?

Yes we are happy to appraise and make offers for film collections where available. We'll assess their value and collect the entire assemblage. We are happy to try and beat any other offers you may have received and we can collect  from you.

For high quality Cine Film look no further than Classic Home Cinema in Cleethorpes. Contact us today.